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bulwer-lytton submission

April 1998

Ok, ok, these have a communications industry perspective.
But they do say write from experience...

"Hard drive!" he gritted through clenched teeth, narrowly urging his

Porsche clear of the information super highway only to be flung

surreptitiously into the Valley of the Silicon Dolls; a place, Horace dimly

recalled before slipping into unconsciousness, not unlike the girl's locker

room he had been flung into after eigth grade gym.


Vile and Tortuous Technology Puns

Roger and his three roommates, forever cursed to be just slightly ahead of

their time by a forest gypsy they had scorned once too often, cowered as

Roger's smarter brother Grove sat down to eat at midnight and sneered

mockingly "You four eighty six, but there's pentium left for those who wait". 


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