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c))motion- a thin plastic sheet that acts like a bi-metallic strip, only much more sensitive and versatile. Many interesting applications, such as a passive solar ventilator, radiometers and even toys.

US Patent 6966812

The Solar Wheel turns round and round, its plastic vanes expanding and contracting as they cycle towards the sun.

Patent Pending.

solar wheel
A simple, effective and compact earbud organizer. Wrapping the cord in a figure 8 pattern cancels out twists. No more tangles. More details at talsufurniture.com fig 8 earphone cord organizer

Furniture that changes shape, lamps that rock, and geometric amusements with hidden assets.

Available at Talus Furniture.

The Solar Cartesian Diver floats up and down in a column of liquid. Heat from a lamp or the sun expands air within the diver, reducing its density below the density of the surrounding liquid. The diver floats to the surface, where shielded from the light, it cools and sinks to the bottom.

Click on the diver image for a more detailed description of the diver. Watch a movie of a prototype, or try the simulation to uncover more about the Cartesian diver physics.

US 6,071,165

The Solar Rocker tilts back and forth silently in the sun, or as the example on the side shows, illuminated by two small lamps. Cycle time can run from 30 seconds to five minutes.

Click the photo to learn more about the rocker, and view a movie of the prototype in action

US 6,012,959

Many people are fans of keyboards and touch screens, believing they form an ideal combination- the laptop for text entry and compatibility with desk top software, and a touch screen to take notes, sketch, and select icons. But this natural affinity leads to conflict, since both input devices work best in a horizontal position. Fortunately, there is a solution...

This device allows a user to rapidly interchange the location of the screen and keyboard, through the use of a "magic" hinge. Note the orientation of the display and keyboard remains unaffected, and there are no connectors to adjust or wear out.

As a side benefit, in those cultures where people (mostly men) cross their legs in the "broken 4" position, reversing the position of the screen and keyboard results in a computer which is more suited for laptop use. The arms are fully extended, and the display easily read. See US Patent 5103376.


Ever since Dick Tracy, people have coveted a wrist telephone. But only consumers with Tracy's bulging muscles and deep voice could operate a wrist phone at arm's length all day long. For a better solution, click on the image or see US Patent 5239521



A track-ball replaced by a "glide ball"? Weird perhaps, but also a great opportunity to sell track balls emblazoned with a manufacturer's logos, or as collectable items. US Patent 5620371.

If you can't wait to buy one of these in a store, click here for directions on making your own trackball.



It is simply astonishing that footprints, pressed casually by dinosaurs into a muddy field, fossilize and are preserved for millions of years. So imagine how interesting a plate or bowl might be if it were in the shape of a dinosaur foot or footprint. In these plates, the three toes of the dinosaur foot divide the plate into four compartments- great for picnics or kids. Or, a cereal bowl in the shape of an apatosaurus footprint- very high yuck factor! Copyrighted under VAu-368-244

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