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May 2005
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Eliminating Vibration from Washers or Dryers

Does your whole house seem to shake whenever you run the laundry? Even when you remove and rebalance the load of clothes in the washer or dryer?

This pad will dramatically damp those vibrations. The damping principle is based on a tuned acoustic filter, but all you need to enjoy its benefits are a visit to the home improvement center and a few simple tools.

Buy two of those green, artificial grass mats (you know, the kind with little rings of fake grass spread over the surface. Similar to the original astroturf. Some stores sell it by the yard. The "Trapper Mat" by Superior-American is also a good choice). And a sheet of 1/2" plywood as large as the base of the washer or dryer. And, for the washer, a plastic overflow pan. And a tube of construction glue.

Assemble as shown in the picture. You will need a helper to slide the completed mat under the washer or dryer- don't take chances wrenching your back or possibly damaging the hoses to the machines. If the mat covers less than about 2/3 of the area beneath the machines, you can cut the pair of mats in half and place along the outside edge of the plywood, more or less under the feet of the washer/dryer.

Not only will the vibration be reduced, but the machines will stop "walking" across the floor.


Typical "Astroturf" mat.

Eight blades of plastic grass in each tuft. Grass is stiff and about 1/2" high.

Place the two mats together with the grass side in the center of the "sandwich".

Its also possible to replace the astroturf with two layers of bubble wrap (bubbles facing each other), but it's not quite as effective. Use double-stick carpet tape to hold one layer of bubble wrap to the plywood, and the other layer to a flat rubber mat which will prevent the dryer from "walking" across the floor.

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