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hall of inventions

Many of these are currently in use

Balloon hovercraft, potato pistol and
more ideas to build at home or license

Patented Inventions Available for License
Neat things I've invented that still await a manufacturer,
including the wrist telephone, solar rocker, magic computer hinge and dinosaur plate


Problems Seeking Solutions
Solve these Perennial Problems, and a large market awaits..

Free Inventions
A mat that quiets loud washers or dryers

Inventing to Order
Please contact me directly for additional information

An interview on the inventing process


Visit this marvelous site at the University of Houston- host of Nation Public Radio's  The Engines of Ingenuity. Hundreds of interesting stories on invention.

And if you want to see how creative school children can be, rivaling even the best industrial designers, see the results of this contest.

Contact Greg Blonder by email here - Modified Genuine Ideas, LLC.