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safer merger lanes
Highway mergers are dangerous and unpredictable. Often two lanes merge into one with little notice- sometimes they merge to the right, sometimes to the left, and sometimes even to the middle! The driver receives little or no warning beyond a yellow "merge" sign that is either missing, obscured or placed after the lane has begun to close like a vise.

Why not indicate a merge is approaching by replacing current dashed straight lane markers with an angled painted line? The angle indicates the merge direction, and they can begin a few thousand feet down the highway giving motorists plenty of warning. Best of all, the cost would be low since an angled lane marker can be sprayed by existing equipment with minor changes in the paint head.

I have tried lobbying local and federal highway officials- if interested, see their response here.

If you think angled lane markers are a good idea that could save lives in your own community, don't tell me but instead organize a school project, or write your Congressman and Senator.
Contact them online or by mail-- it's easy to find their address at
house.gov, senate.gov or congress.org


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Current dangerous merger lanes

The impending merge is "invisible" to both drivers until they see the sign- only by then its too late to change lanes safely.


Improved, safer merger lanes

The bus and car drivers notice the angled lane markers long before the merge begins. The angled lines informs the car driver to merge into the right hand lane, so the bus moves ahead slightly, to let the car slip behind. The merge is completed before the lane disappears.



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