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tilting at windmills

Change is hard.
Very hard. Its messy, expensive, controversial and scary.
And necessary for survival.

These four projects are works in progress. Sketch pads of ideas, considering new ways to envision democracy, the nature of deep time and the role of science in society. Each project is a long shot. Each requires a community of supporters to have any chance of adoption or influence.

Early days. If you wish to help, please contact me at the address below.


sharingdemocracy.org is an attempt to formulate a small number of principles (four, to be exact) to help guide society as it considers the impact of old vs. new laws, religion and morality, and tradition vs. exploration in a changing world. If we can't agree on a common foundation, how can we hope to move forward effectively in a pluralistic society?

There are no unique and perfect set of core values, but these four are a good place to start. They were selected by listing over a hundred key social issues confronting this country, removing those issues of a purely moral or temporal nature, and then reducing the remainder to a few key ideas.

These four shared values are easy to recall; powerful alone and insightful when combined. Shared Democratic Core Values apply to both individuals and to organizations - no government can operate by a different set of rules than those lived by its citizens every day.

     The pace of life has undeniably increased, and with it the need to make faster and more informed decisions about the future. We are the first generation of people exercising powers traditionally left to God or King- - genetic modifications capable of saving lives or redefining the very meaning of humanity. We can destroy the entire planet in a flash, or wisely shepherd the poor out of poverty. We can innovate with the tools and skills garnered from millennia of experience, or let circumstance be our guide.

     We must learn to think twice, and act once. This is the purpose of TiWalkMe. TiWalkMe is a place where a thousand years can be experienced as a walk through an ever changing forest. A place to learn and share with others, to better judge and improve our plans before they drift into actions tethered to the past. A forest which is, at heart, an enormous clock, slowly ticking out the pace of life, resetting our own sense of time and space, with a horizon swept out to a millennia.



Global Warming is a byproduct of humans burning fossil fuels at an ever-increasing rate. Reducing our dependence on fossil rules will take time- perhaps 50 years. Efficiency improvements could take 10-15. But we could temporarily cool the earth at low cost and almost overnight by painting black surfaces white. See this submission to the first Buckminster Fuller contest, which we call EarthLight

moreorlesstrue.org's mission is to help the public understand that scientific facts are not immutable or equally valid- they are always evolving. Some "facts" are part of the solid base of science which changes infrequently. Others are part of an active scientific debate, often confused by the press and lay pubic for uncertainty. And many facts are just plain wrong.

The site has three sections. First, we plan on discussing hundreds of important scientific discoveries in clear, concise prose- emphasizing why these findings are important to individuals and their community. Second, we expose the underlying journey of discovery, debate and (often) resolve competing explanations for the same phenomena. And, finally we synthesize this understanding into a single "moreorlesstrue" ranking using the scale to the right. The scale helps people, and perhaps our elected officials, better understand and act on scientific advice, by weighing the likelihood of truth.



Contact Greg Blonder by email here - Modified Genuine Ideas, LLC.